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00182 - ROMA (IT)
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    11 Marzo | 21:30
    Venerdí 11 Marzo | 21:30

    ARABROT in concerto (The Gospel Tour-new album 2016) ingresso con tessera quota tessera/ingresso 10eu /*8eu * riduzione di 2eu per i primi 50 che lasceranno il proprio nome sulla bacheca dell'evento I Pionieri Norvegesi Arabrot finalmente a Roma nel tour che presenta il nuovo album, registrato ad Electrical Audio Studio di Steve Albini, con molti guests importanti da bands come Swans, Sunn O, Current 93 Black Atmospheric Metal, Post Industrial Folk Apocalittico, sono tutte definizioni che vanno strette alla creatività inquieta del leader istrionico Kjetil Nernes The Gospel Tour -“Sounds like Elvis on acid being tortured” Norwegian rock pioneers Arabrot are just coming down after a US tour in July , and are now planning to release their 7th full length album. During these 12 years of existence, Arabrot has managed to upset people in every possible way. From the get go in Haugesund Norway, where it all started, they’ve been provoking people with controversial artwork and unusual press shots. The singer’s voice was described “ Sounds like someone who just escaped a mental institution”. They have grown from there and have become something of a cult band with hard core fans all over the world. They’ve never done anything the usual way, but still Arabrot won the Grammy for best metal album in 2012. Not bad for an rock band in Norway, a country with one of the most interesting metal scenes in the world. Since then they’ve toured rock clubs in Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S. But they’ve also composed music for silent movies like “Die Niebelungen” and “ Doctor Caligari”. They’ve teamed up with The Quietus-founder John Doran on his spoken word tour. They’ve blown whole art galleries away with their brutal, yet sophisticated sound. But it’s growing bigger and better. After having recovered from throat cancer last year, singer Kjetil Nernes performs better than ever. And after six full length albums and 6 EP’s, the songs are very solid. The new album “The Gospel” is recorded partly with Steve Albini in Electrical Audio and partly in the old church in the woods of Dalarna, Sweden where the singer lives and runs his studio these days. Ted Parsons, Stephen O’malley and Erlend Hjelvik (Kvelertak) are some of the musicians contributing on this album along with noise-lord Lasse Marhaug and Andrew Liles(Currant 93/Nurse With Wound) who’s also been playing live with the band at some occasions. New Album - Please Do Not Share Recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago Summer 2015 Ted Parsons (Swans, Killing Joke, Jesu, Prong) Andrew Liles (Current 93/Nurse With Wound) Stephen O’malley (SunnO))/KTL) Erlend Hjevik (Singer, Kvelertak) Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh 4AD) Kristoffer Lo (Highasakite/Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) Norwegian Grammy Award-winning ÅRABROT: Kjetil Nernes – vocals, EGCs, synths Milton von Krogh – guitars Magnus Nymo – drums Johannes Høie – art Karin Park – vocals, electric piano, synths

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    17 Marzo | 21:30
    Giovedí 17 Marzo | 21:30
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    22 Marzo | 21:30
    Martedí 22 Marzo | 21:30

    Tornano in Italia i Nasville Pussy. Attivi dal 1996, la band hard rock americana (Atlanta) è in tour mondiale, dopo essersi negli anni, fatti le ossa come support di band come Motorhead, Marylin Manson, Reverend Horton Heat, ecc...

    La creatura dei coniugi Blaine Cartwright (chitarra - voce) e Ruyter Suys (lead guitar), insieme alla bassista Bonnie Buitrago ed al batterista Jeremy Tompson, in tour tra europa e states per i 20 anni di attività.

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    10 Maggio | 21:00
    Martedí 10 Maggio | 21:00
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